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Your loved ones will thank you when you develop a simple yet effective firearms training habit that combines your local USCCA Partner Range and our online Protector Academy.
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As gun owners, we always have more to learn. Our Qualification Program brings you lessons so that you can continue to grow as an independent gun owner who’s confident and prepared in every situation.


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Start off with our best firearm safety courses revolving around storage, grips and teaching children about firearm safety.


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Once you’ve covered the basics, learn about defending your home and carrying concealed along with first aid fundamentals.


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End with three courses that take your situational awareness to the next level. Learn about mass shooting threats, being prepared in an emergency and more.

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Find conceal carry, home defense, women’s handgun and first aid courses near you.

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Ever wondered how you would do under the pressure of a real self-defense incident? Interested in learning life-saving first aid tips? Along with your qualifications, you’ll gain access to our in-house training videos that will keep you sharp as you continue your concealed carry journey.

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You can access all of the training lessons in Protector Academy if you join USCCA today.

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We want you to get the most out of your USCCA Membership. Each level of membership has more perks and learnings you can take advantage of—digital training materials are just one example of that. Explore the benefits.