Become an Instructor

How to Become a Firearms Instructor


Start your training career or take your existing training regimen to the next level by becoming a firearms instructor for the USCCA and a valuable resource for your local network of responsibly armed Americans.

Now is the time to step up and arm others with practical, real-world training they can’t find anywhere else.

Become a USCCA Certified Instructor in 3 Easy Steps


Choose an Instructor Course

Reserve your spot in one of our core curriculum courses: Once you’ve signed up for your course, you’ll receive an eLearning to start preparing for the in-person class.

Take a Class With a USCCA Training Counselor

Upon completion of the eLearning portion of your certification, you’ll be able to attend an in-person course with a USCCA Training Counselor.

Training Counselors are active and experienced instructors who have been hand-selected and trained by the USCCA to train future instructors.


Get Your Instructor Certification and Toolkit

After successfully completing your in-person training, you’ll receive your instructor credentials and toolkit in the mail.

The toolkit includes everything you’ll need to teach the course, including lesson plans, course books for your students and other valuable tools based on which course you selected.

That’s It!

You’ll be ready to host highly effective classes with industry-leading teaching materials and endorsement from the USCCA.  


Industry-Leading Curriculum

Join more than 10,000 USCCA Certified Instructors across the country who utilize the USCCA’s easy-to-teach lessons and proven training materials. Plus, you get an entire team dedicated to creating and updating existing curriculum based on YOUR feedback!

Course Materials

Everything you’ll need to effectively teach your students is included in your USCCA Instructor Toolkit, including a PowerPoint presentation, books and more.

Plus, the USCCA has a dedicated product-development team that continually improves and updates curriculum based on what you and your students are asking for.

Work With Experts

Get assistance from the USCCA’s dedicated Instructor Support Team. The Instructor Support Team is available M-F 8am-9pm CT, and 8-4:30pm CT on Saturdays.

USCCA Ecosystem

Reach 500,000+ potential students by posting your classes on the USCCA Training site. You’ll be able to effortlessly manage classes and rosters through this one-of-a-kind resource.

Instructor Certification Courses From the USCCA

Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals

2-Day Classroom Instruction Course With Range Qualification

Set yourself apart from other self-defense instructors in your area with the nationally recognized USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals Instructor Certification. This course is the gold standard for law-abiding Americans seeking to obtain their concealed carry permits.


Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Instructor Certification

3-Day Range Instruction Course

Learn how to provide students with safe and effective instruction while preparing them for real-world defensive situations. Once certified, you’ll have all the skills needed to hit the range and improve a student’s proficiency, regardless of his or her experience level.

Explore Classes at USCCA Headquarters in WI

AR-15 Shooting Fundamentals

3-Day Classroom Instruction Course

Coming Soon!

Learn how to provide students with safe and effective instruction on how to use their AR-15 to defend their home. Once certified, you’ll have all the skills needed to hit the range and improve a student’s proficiency, regardless of his or her experience level. 

What You Will Teach Your Students

Thank you! You will be notified when the AR Shooting Fundamentals Course is available!


Feedback From Trainees

“There is no place I would rather be teaching than alongside the instructors and staff of the USCCA!

As a former police officer of 10+ years and 13 years in the private sector, I have been exposed to and used a lot of different programs for firearms education. It wasn’t until I found the courses offered by the USCCA that I was able to offer my students the cutting-edge information needed to make them responsibly armed citizens.”

– Steven M. Dyer | USCCA Instructor, Maine

“Becoming a USCCA Instructor and gaining access to these materials has improved my classes and helped my business.

I use USCCA materials to teach concealed carry in Illinois for several reasons: The book follows the PowerPoint, the graphics and layout are quality, it’s up-to-date, and the material is easier for students to follow and for the instructor to go through.” – Kevin M. | USCCA Instructor, Illinois

USCCA Offers Everything You Need to Get Certified and Start Teaching

support team
Connection to a Dedicated Support Team​
Our Instructor Support Team is staffed with highly trained USCCA Certified Instructors and Training Counselors. These individuals have gone through extensive training, and their sole focus is to help you with any questions or needs you may have throughout this process. It’s arguably one of the best instructor communities in the nation, available to you 7 days a week!
To learn more about how to become a firearms instructor, what it takes to teach concealed carry classes and gun safety, or how YOU can start saving lives, contact the USCCA’s Instructor Support Team: 1-877-577-4800