USCCA Qualification Level 3,

Countering the Mass Shooter Threat

2 Lessons / 04h 30m

Course Description

Mass shooters are often lumped together as a singular group. Just the term “mass shooter” as used by the media has a way of stoking fear and a sense of helplessness.

Indeed, the myths about mass shooters and the weapons they use are plentiful. But understanding how they behave and what actually drives them can be a powerful tool. 

“Countering the Mass Shooter Threat” is your comprehensive playbook on what motivates attackers and how to actually stop active shooters in houses of worship, schools, public spaces and businesses.

While there is no single profile that actually defines mass shooters, we now know more about these attacks (and how to stop them) than ever before.

Author Michael Martin dives into the data from 48 mass shootings to reveal practical lessons you can use to defeat these heinous attacks:

  • Discover why gun-free zones do not work
  • Learn how to fight back and survive using the Run, Hide, Fight Methodology
  • Understand how attackers think and how to identify pre-threat indicators
  • Dispel common myths about magazine capacity, gun bans and lockdown strategies 

Eliminating the scourge of mass shooters requires more than media hype and misguided calls for more laws. It requires a protector’s mindset and the courage to actually stop the threat.

Now you can know what to do before, during and directly after an attack to save lives

This easy-to-follow training course will give you the tools to counter the threat and protect yourself and the people you love.

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  • Updated December 7, 2020
  • Duration 2 Lessons
Elite Membership Required