USCCA Qualification Level 1,

Handgun Safety and Marksmanship Fundamentals

5 Lessons / 01h 30m

Course Description

Your journey as a responsibly armed American deserves an exceptional guide. USCCA’s Steve Fischer has decades of experience teaching everyone from first-time shooters to advanced firearms instructors.

Steve will arm you with the foundational skills you need to be a safer and more confident firearm owner. This course covers topics ranging from the universal safety rules to proper grip, stance, handgun nomenclature and firearms cleaning.

It is the perfect course for new firearms owners. It will also help more experienced shooters build on their foundational marksmanship and safety skills. 

This course will start by focusing on proper safety and gun handling procedures. You will then build on your shooting technique and ability to properly use your firearm in a self-defense situation. Steve will also cover proper firearms storage, cleaning and transportation. 

We will end this training course with a review of what to do after a self-defense situation and how to safely interact with law enforcement.

Gold Membership Required
  • Updated December 7, 2020
  • Duration 5 Lessons
Gold Membership Required