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The Complete Concealed Carry & Personal Protection Guide for Women

13 Lessons / 02h 48m

Course Description

Effective, relevant training made for women by a highly qualified woman instructor. That is what you get with “The Complete Concealed Carry & Personal Protection Guide for Women.

First-time firearms owners are at an all-time high, and women are leading the way as one of the fastest-growing groups. Beth Alcazar, author of Women’s Handgun & Self-Defense Fundamentals and associate editor of Concealed Carry Magazine, has more than two decades of experience teaching and working in the firearms industry. 

As a USCCA Certified Instructor, Beth also understands how to break down firearms and self-defense training into their most essential and practical elements. 

Avoid the frustrations of time-consuming trial-and-error. Empower yourself with the training you need to save money and skip buying gear and holsters that just do not work for you. Find a gun you can be confident and comfortable carrying every day as a woman. Then arm yourself with the situational awareness skills you need to keep yourself and your family safe and out of harm’s way.

Featured Experts: Beth Alcazar and Kevin Michalowski

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  • Updated January 27, 2021
  • Duration 13 Lessons
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