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The Proving Ground — Scenario-Based Training

76 Lessons / 15h 00m

Course Description

Proving Ground is self-defense training transformed. There is no substitute for experience, so Proving Ground uses scenario-based training to put real people through unscripted, heart-pounding self-defense situations. 

Realism, grit and heart-pounding self-defense training: That’s what you get with Proving Ground. Our expert trainers throw participants into dozens of scenarios that force them to put their training into actual practice. We dissect every decision and every mistake. This training will reveal what it is really like to face a violent attacker and pull the trigger.

Proving Ground brings you realistic simulations of mass shooter attacks, carjackings, home invasions, violent muggings and attempted kidnappings. Experts then train our participants and you, the viewer, to improve self-defense skills at every level.

These are just some of the scenarios you will experience in this training series:

  • Stopping violent muggings in a parking garage
  • Restaurant robberies with innocent bystanders
  • Carjackings with your family in the car
  • Attempted child abductions at the park
  • Surviving ATM robberies when your attacker is bigger and stronger
  • Mass shootings at an office
  • Church attacks in the middle of religious services
  • Home invasions in the middle of the night
  • Knife attacks at a store
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  • Updated December 4, 2020
  • Duration 76 Lessons
Platinum Membership Required