USCCA Qualification Level 3,


7 Lessons / 04h 30m

Course Description

High-volume, self-diagnostic training you can do in your home: That’s what LaserTRAIN offers.

It is the perfect course for people looking to maximize their hands-on firearms training and minimize the costs of ammunition and wear on their pistol.

Just imagine getting nearly unlimited practice time with your handgun. 

This course will empower you to master the fundamentals of grip, presentation, trigger control, sight alignment and accurate shot placement with nearly unlimited training repetitions. 

  • Practice dry-fire techniques anytime, anywhere
  • Save money on expensive range fees and ammo 
  • Master a crisp, clean trigger pull without extra wear on your firearm
  • Practice safe and effective gun handling, gun presentation and reholstering without live fire
  • Train for accurate stance, sight picture, target acquisition, breath control, trigger pull and more
  • And measure your success with a precision laser

The optimum tool for completing this training is to use a SIRT (Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger) pistol. SIRT pistols allow you to realistically simulate important mechanical functions of a real handgun (such as a realistic trigger reset) without having to go to the range. 

You can also visualize the placement of every shot with a built-in laser that helps you diagnose mistakes that are killing your accuracy without burning through boxes of ammo.

Elite Membership Required
  • Updated December 7, 2020
  • Duration 7 Lessons
Elite Membership Required