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Deadly Force Decision Making: Examining the Complex World of Self-Defense


Understanding when you can use deadly force is more complex than you may realize. Responsible gun owners face a tangled web of laws that vary greatly across the country. They also face an army of anti-gun activists who are more than happy to use every opportunity they can to attack owners.

Understanding your rights and what will happen if you choose to use deadly force could mean the difference between living the rest of your life in freedom or in jail.

Throw out what you have seen in the cop shows on TV. Our justice system is not always fair. Using deadly force can spark a wildfire response from our legal system — from the police officers who arrive on the scene to the prosecutor trying to put you behind bars.

Every decision you make will come into question. Are you confident you have the knowledge and training to survive the aftermath?

Featured Trainers: attorney Tom Grieve, Kevin Michalowski, police Sgt. Tim Wilz