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Qualification Level 2 Quiz – In Person Training

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Qualification Level 2 Quiz – In Person Training

Ongoing in-person training is one of the most powerful ways we can strengthen ourselves as protectors. It is about more than simply refreshing our knowledge in a classroom. We must also dedicate ourselves to being lifelong learners. In-person courses allow you to customize your own learning experience, interact with other members of the protector community and discover new lessons from instructors who dedicate their lives to self-defense and firearms training.

Requirements: Take a 4-hour, in-person course with a certified firearms instructor. Add your course into your protector academy account after completion.

Need help finding an instructor? 
Search the USCCA Training Site for an instructor near you. Or, find a nearby USCCA Partner Range who can help you complete your training. (The in-person training requirements for this qualification can be completed at any gun range).