protecting your life, home and family all revolves around one thing: preparation

Being ‘prepared’ means more than just owning a gun, casually shooting at a target, or knowing what a ‘mag pouch’ is… If you’re committed — heart and soul — to protecting your family, then you need to prepare for the worst by mastering the no-nonsense firearms and self-defense fundamentals that will save your life, and the lives of those around you. That’s why we created the USCCA Protector Academy Qualification program. The USCCA Protector Academy guides you, step by step, through lifesaving qualification courses that will help you master the lifesaving skills and knowledge every protector really needs. What are you waiting for? Start the journey toward becoming the protector your family truly needs right here, right now…

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Level 01 Qualification

Start your protector journey the right way. Learn the universal firearm safety rules that’ll protect you today, tomorrow and every day after. Get a feel for the proper firearm grip and stance that’ll give you the accuracy you need to stop a threat. Get step-by-step instructions on how to clean your firearm so it works perfectly if you’re ever forced to use it. Plus, see how you can start teaching your family about responsible gun ownership so they can be safe.

The Level 01 Qualification is available to all Gold, Platinum and Elite USCCA Members. Not a member? Click here to join.


Level 02 Qualification

Take your training to the next level. Learn defensive shooting fundamentals, the physical and mental effects a violent encounter has on your body, what it actually means to use “deadly force,” and how to care for life-threatening injuries.


The Level 02 Qualification is available to all Platinum and Elite USCCA Members who have completed their Level 01 Qualification. Not a Platinum or Elite member? Click here to join the USCCA, or upgrade your membership.


Level 03 Qualification

Discover challenge and incredible personal growth in our third qualification course. Learn what “emergency preparedness” is and why you need to have it. Analyze data from 48 mass shootings and develop a critical eye for self-defense situations. Get an introduction to alternative methods of firearms training, like the Laser TRAIN shooting system, saving you time, money and maybe even your life.


The Level 03 Qualification is available to all Elite USCCA Members who have completed their Level 01 and Level 02 Qualifications. Not an Elite member? Click here to join the USCCA, or upgrade your membership.